The aim of the company is to develop next generation sample preparation technologies for mass spectrometry using smart modified surfaces and advanced stationary phases. The cornerstone of AffiPro are in-situ sample prep techniques for MALDI mass spectrometry that were developed into a portfolio of easy-to-use MALDI chips. AffiPro is currently working to introduce MALDI chips that are capable of on-chip proteolysis, sample enrichment of wide range of analytes and selective detection and identification of protein antigens (immunoMALDI). The unique surface technology used to modify MALDI chips with protein molecules is based on ambient ion landing and is protected by EU and US patents owned by AffiPro.

MALDI assays based on AffiPro surfaces were reported in the leading scientific journals such as Clinical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Journal of Mass Spectrometry. Examples of AffiPro MALDI assays include immunoMALDI quantification of deficient transferrin, determination of haptoglobin phenotype, enrichment of saccharides on lectin chips or high-throughput confirmation of a specific phosphorylation. The AffiPro ionization chips are compatible with all vacuum MALDI ion sources irrespective of the pressure regime and the ion optics design. This means that the technology is not limited to MALDI-TOF instruments but can be used with a wide range of MALDI equipped mass spectrometers including FTICR, QTOF or ion trap. AffiPro has developed several types of functionalized MALDI chips for R&D and clinical diagnostics and continues developing surfaces for microbiological applications, both clinical and public safety related.